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Here you will find past articles of The Spokesperson e-Newsletter, and other writings by our founder, Michelle Cummings. We love sharing Facilitation Tips & Tricks to help make you the best facilitator you can be. Enjoy!

Tips for Trainers – Knot Exchange

Knot Exchange For our Tip this week I’m including the instructions for a great problem-solving activity created by Sam Sikes and written up in his book, Raptor. (One of my

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Wagon Wheel Tag

It’s dumping snow in Colorado today.  I mean DUMPING snow–and yesterday it was 70 degrees and I was wearing flip flops!  Springtime weather in Colorado is always a little unpredictable,

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Rock, Paper, Scissor Splits

Rock, Paper, Scissor Splits This is one of my favorite time fillers! Have participants pair up and start the game being toe to toe with one another. Play one round

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