Experiences from Istanbul

Experiences from Istanbul

Me-Shell Coach
I had a wonderful opportunity to work with a summer camp in Istanbul, Turkey last week. I did some programming with the kids and some programming for the chaperones, teachers and camp staff. I had an interpreter helping give the instructions for most of the games and we all had an amazing time! One thing I love about what we do, is that creating connection and building teams happen in any language and any culture. It was fun to hear them all talking in Turkish and seeing the connections being made, even though I didn’t understand a word they were saying!

I missed the terrorist attack at the airport by 10 hours. It was a little scary and definitely put life into perspective. Arriving at the airport the next morning was a little unnerving and surreal, but other than beefed up security and really long lines, everything was business as usual. My return trip took over 28 hours which was exhausting, however this event only affected me for a few days. It will affect the people of Turkey for much longer. Please keep everyone affected by this event in your thoughts and prayers (if you are the praying type!).

I’m grateful for the opportunity to travel and see the world and experience amazing different cultures. From China to Turkey to the US in the last few months, what I see in common are people who love their families, their faith and their communities. What a beautiful thing that is.


Have fun out there,
Michelle Cummings
Owner/Trainer/Big Wheel
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