Tips for Trainers – Body Part Debrief

Body Part Debrief
This activity is my absolute favorite! I use it with literally 99% of the groups I facilitate. I have used it with participants as young as three years old and I think my oldest participant was 96! I believe this activity resonates so well is because the metaphor is so easy. Most everyone has all of these parts, and they know what their function is, so it’s easy for them to connect an experience to the metaphor of one of the body parts.

I love to end a program with this activity. I frontload the experience with giving an example of the type of response someone could give for each respective part. In small groups I let everyone share a response. In large groups I have participants pair up and share with one another. Either way it’s a wonderful way to end an experience.

Here are some examples of what the different parts can represent.
Heart- Name something you felt, or a feeling you experienced.
Brain- Tell the group something that you learned.
Stomach- What took guts for you to do? What pushed you outside of your comfort zone?
Hand- How the group supported you, or name someone you would like to give a hand to.
Ear- Describe something you heard, or something that was hard to hear.
Eye- A vision you had for the group, or something new you saw in yourself.
Smiley Face- Tell the group something that made you smile, or name some positive attributes of yourself or the group.
How would you use this activity with your groups?


Have fun out there,
Michelle Cummings
Owner/Trainer/Big Wheel
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