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Here you will find past articles of The Spokesperson e-Newsletter, and other writings by our founder, Michelle Cummings. We love sharing Facilitation Tips & Tricks to help make you the best facilitator you can be. Enjoy!

Human Pegboard Activity

This activity is from the book, Team Building From the Toy Aisle, by Matthew Broda, Michelle Cummings, and Trevor Dunlap. For the road warriors out

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Clasped Hands

This activity is a simple 60-second activity that packs a powerful metaphor.  It’s not necessarily new, but reframing it with a small tweak has renewed

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Virtual Team Building Games

The Spokesperson Newsletter from April 22, 2020 Virtual Team Building Games Hello facilitator friends!It’s now been about six weeks since Colorado issued it’s stay-at-home orders

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Word of the Year

Are you someone who chooses a Word of the Year? I started doing this the last few years. I find it amazing how often a

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Reflections from 2020

The Spokesperson Newsletter from December 30, 2020 Hi friend!With being widely known as, the Debriefing Queen, I really love reflecting on lessons learned every year.

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The Family Cookbook

It is finished… I’m not sure if my Grandma Mac blessed me or cursed me with this project, but it has been a labor of

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