Help Leaders, Teams, and Individuals Thrive with The DISC Assessment.

Training-Wheels has partnered with Wiley Everything DiSC to bring trainers, consultations, and facilitators access to the DiSC Workplace Assessment.

What is the DiSC? The DiSC Assessment is a  behavioral self-assessment that helps individuals discover their preferred way of approaching situations at work and in life.

The DiSC Assessment can help you and your clients understand their strengths and challenges and learn how to adapt their behaviors to get the results they want.

Five Reasons to Offer the DiSC Assessment: Combining DiSC with Experiential Activities

You already know how powerful experiential and adventure-based learning is. Now you can double your impact with your clients by offering DISC along with your experiential agenda. Here are five reasons why you should use DISC in your practice:
  1. When participants have more self-awareness of how their behaviors impact others, they become more emotionally intelligent.
  2. When participants receive their DiSC results, it naturally allows them to gain new perspectives on how their behaviors show up in the world.  It will enable them to see their strengths and their development areas.
  3. DiSC reinforces team dynamics by understanding that healthy teams need all kinds of behavior preferences. 
  4. When facilitators understand their own behavior preferences, they can more thoughtfully sequence and build out their programs for their clients.
  5. The Wiley DiSC Workplace Assessment is the most trusted assessment on the market today.
Add the DiSC Professional Style Assessment and Workbook to your Practice

If you are a DiSC facilitator, you already know how powerful the assessment is in helping clients achieve their performance goals. If you are new to DiSC, let us get you started with the world’s most trusted DiSC assessment. Each report consists of a high-quality, full-color 20-page report.

You can order DiSC assessments here and start using the DiSC Workplace Assessment today.

It’s Easy to Use DISC in Your Practice or Organization!

Let us help you offer the Wiley DiSC Workplace Assessment to your clients or organization. Learning to use DiSC with your clients or organization is easy – we provide on-demand training tips and have made it easy for you offer the DiSC assessment and access support materials

Let’s Get Started!

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All DISC Products

DiSC Assessment

The Wiley Everything DISC Assessment can help facilitators and groups understand their preferred styles and learn to adapt their approach to get the results with others that they want.

DiSC Presentation

The DISC Powerpoint with Annotated Slides introduces participants to understanding the value of diverse DISC styles.

Group Culture Report

The Wiley DISC Group Culture Report includes assessments for your team that will allow you to flex your styles to achieve the results you want as a team. This option is only available if you have completed the Everything DiSC assessments from Training Wheels for all of your team members.

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