New Products and Happy New Year!

The Spokesperson Newsletter from January 6, 2021

Happy New Year!

Hi friend!
Happy New Year! I love turning the calendar over to a fresh blank slate. It’s like a pristine canvas waiting to be painted, and I get to be the artist. Remember when you were a kid and the feeling you got when you opened a brand new box of crayons? That smell can instantly transport me back to Mrs. Wetter’s second grade classroom. I am no Michelangelo by any means, but I do enjoy everything that comes with creativity and creating new things. I also love supporting others who take a leap of faith and bring a concept or idea to fruition, so today I want to share with you two new resources we are carrying in our online store.
First up, Facilitator Cards. This little pack of awesomeness has been such a fun project to see come into existence. Meg Bolger and Sam Killermann are the two creative facilitators behind this deck, and successfully brought them into the world through a fun Kickstarter project last year. They are a great resource for YOU, the facilitator, rather than a deck for your participants. They help you plan, organize and improve your trainings. Check them out!
New Book! Engaging Virtual Meetings by John ChenThe Second is a new book we are carrying, Engaging Virtual Meetings by John Chen. I have known John for many, many years and when the world went virtual last year he pushed out this content in record time to help trainers and facilitators in the digital space. He teaches a 6-step ENGAGE method to help facilitators evaluate their delivery methods to get the most engagement out of their participants. Check it out!
And lastly, I’m not one who sets New Year’s Resolutions, rather, I set goals for the year. My family of four sit down at the kitchen table and map out the things we want to accomplish in the calendar year. We are hosting this meeting this week, and I can’t wait to hear and see all the things the Cummings Clan want to achieve this year. How about you? What are some of your goals for 2021?
Best wishes to you and yours in 2021! I look forward to new adventures and opportunities to be creative in the experiential field.

Have Fun Out There,

Michelle Cummings
Founder / Facilitator / Big Wheel
Training Wheels