Word of the Year

Are you someone who chooses a Word of the Year? I started doing this the last few years. I find it amazing how often a word pops up in your life once you start putting some focus and energy around it. Last year my word was ‘Flow’… and boy did we have to go with the flow! This year my word is ‘Aware’. I want to take better care of myself this year by paying more attention to my burnout warning signs. I want to be more Aware of my needs and the needs of others. I want to have ridiculous amounts of fun this year, and be aware of when I veer off this path. I want to balance and be Aware of the number of hours I sit in front of my screen vs. the number of hours I spend outside. I want to be fully and vibrantly Aware.
 This is an activity I just made up that I do for myself, but you could do with your participants, coaching clients, staff, teams, students, etc. This is how I find my word.
 Here are Four Tips on Choosing Your Word of the Year.
One: Ask Yourself Questions
  • Reflect and think about what you want to accomplish in the following year.
  • What could you use more of? less of?
  • What skill do you want to acquire?
  • What brings you energy?
  • How do you want to feel?
 Two: Create a List of Words
  • Spend some time writing down a list of words that pop into your head. Write them on Index cards or print off both of these starter lists I created. Circle the words that speak to you.
  • List one
  • List two
 Three: Review and Refine
  • Narrow it down to 2-3 words. There will likely be several that jump out to you right away. Sit with them and see how they feel.
  • Pick one and commit to it.
 Four: Put It Somewhere You Will See It Every Day
  • Having this word somewhere prominent can help you put focus and energy towards it.