How Experiential Activities Change Corporate Programming

The Spokesperson Newsletter from September 30, 2020

Hello Facilitator Friends,
I spent much of last week on a video set.  I’ve decided to up my video tutorial game at both Training Wheels and my other company, Personify Leadership.  My Training Wheels videos will span from some short marketing videos to include in my newsletters and on my website to full-on tutorial videos for over 500 experiential activities housed in our Online Games Database.  It will be a huge project, but over the next few months I will knock out tons of good, quality instructional videos to help facilitators ‘see’ the activities and hear the instructions as if they were presenting them to a group.  Some of the videos will be posted on my YouTube Channel (please subscribe!).  Others will be housed solely within the Online Games Database.  
For my Personify Leadership videos, my business partner, Angela Sebaly flew out to Colorado so we could add more videos to our Leadership Development Program.  We follow a character named Manny in our course, and we see him evolve as a leader throughout the program.  We first worked with ‘Manny’ back in 2013, so it was fun to have him back on set and helping us evolve the character and the leadership skills we teach even further.  
While Angela was in town, Chris Cavert and I took advantage of her knowledge and story and interviewed her on our Podcast, Ask Michelle & Chris About Team Building.  I love her story of how she first encountered Experiential Activities, and how they have completely changed the way she works with her corporate clients now.  Give this episode a listen!  It’s a fun episode and you’ll get to hear more about how we started working together and created the Personify Leadership program, but also about the importance of being intentional with experiential activities and your corporate clients.
Speaking of Personify Leadership, we have our first Virtual, Facilitator-Led program coming up October 13-16.  We have converted the experiential activities to the virtual space, and still teach our eight core competencies of effective leadership.  The activities intentionally surface specific behaviors that leaders encounter every day.  We then teach skills and strategies on how to manage those behaviors, in both yourself and others.  It’s such a cool course, and thousands of leaders all over the world have gone through the program.  We’ve even translated it in to multiple languages and have hundreds of certified facilitators in 23 countries now.  If you are interested in participating in our October program, or want to learn more about how to be certified in this program, please reply to this email and we can set up a time to chat.  You can also click here for more information.
And one last thing, I’m excited to be back in the classroom next week teaching my Experiential Facilitation 101 course.  We’ve taken all the necessary precautions for physically distancing and are looking forward to programming in-person again.  We still have a few seats open if you are interested in attending!  Register here.Best wishes for an intentionally fullweek. 

Have fun out there, 

Michelle        Michelle CummingsOwner/Trainer/Big WheelTraining Wheels