Foundational Skills Necessary                                to Lead Experiential Programs

Have you ever..  wanted to learn how to lead experiential activities and programs?  Join Training Wheels staff for a facilitator training that will be like none other you have participated in. Our Experiential Facilitation 101 course teaches the foundational skills necessary for facilitators.  Each skill learned in the class is taught through an experiential activity.  You not only learn the skill necessary to lead effectively, but you also learn a new activity that you can use with your participants. 

The course includes 45 different facilitation skills and concepts, all taught through experiential activities.

We currently have two versions of this course, a Classroom-Based course, and an Online Course.  We can also bring this course to your organization with a minimum of 10 participants.

Become Certified to Teach this Class:

Would you like to teach this course to others?  You can become certified to teach the Experiential Facilitation 101 course.  Once certified, you must purchase one Participant Kit for each participant that goes through the class. Participant Kits are $150 each.

Certification Cost:  $3500

Price Includes:

• Four Days of Instruction

• Facilitator Kit full of the experiential activities needed to teach the class 

• Facilitator Guide

• Power Point Presentation Slide Deck

• 20 Participant Kits so you are ready to teach your first class (Valued at $3000)

Course Includes

 Basic Facilitation

Be able to provide basic disclosure and framing presentations for participants at the beginning of a program.

 Effective Sequencing:  Be able to plan and sequence a basic experiential program

Creating a Safe Environment:  Both Emotional and Physical

Managing Participant Behaviors

 Experiential Theory

 Experiential Learning Cycle – Kolb Model

 Effective Processing and Debriefing – Top 10 techniques

 Facilitation Skills

 Role Modeling

 Managing Group Energy

Understanding Behavior Preferences

Intentionally Surfacing Behaviors

Comfort Zones

Five Stages of Team Development

All taught through Experiential Activities




Enroll in an Open Enrollment Class today, or call to schedule a workshop at your location.

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