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This subscription based database houses over 450 experiential teambuilding games, each designed to equip facilitators with the right game for the right group. Each activity has photos, thorough instructions and sample debriefing questions to ask.  Some activities have tutorial videos, and we will be adding more each month.  This service provides you with instant access to hundreds of games and initiatives that you can facilitate on your own.  Some of the activities will require specific props, but with a little creativity you can create some of them on your own.  We will link several of the activities to our online store for the items we sell commercially as well.


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Activity #1: Rock, Paper, Scissors Splits

Type of Activity: Ice Breaker, Time Filler, Energizer

Props Needed: None

Set Up: Have participants pair up and start the game being toe to toe with one another.

Process: Play one round of RPS, whoever wins takes their front foot and puts it directly behind their back foot. Whoever loses that round must slide their front foot forward to meet toe to toe with their opponent again. Another round of RPS is played. Whoever wins takes their front foot and puts it directly behind their back foot. Whoever loses that round must slide their front foot forward to meet toe to toe with their opponent again. This continues until someone loses their balance and falls over or ends up in the splits!

Activity #2: Simon Says Revisited

Note: Below is a description of a NEW way to play Simon Says that allows for a greater impact on learning from one’s mistakes. Please read the description clearly. This is something everyone has the ability to do it just takes a little practice. Click the video below to see how to lead Simon Says. “Simon Says as a Teaching Tool”

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Activity #3: Icebreaker Thumball
The name says it all! One of the best “icebreakers” ever! Learn more about yourself and others with participation in this team building activity. Allows all ages to get to know each other.

Type of Activity: Get to Know You, Ice Breaker Tool

Props Needed: Thumball

Set Up: The easiest way to play is to get the participants into a circle and ask them to toss the ball to one another. Whenever the ball is caught, ask that person to look underneath their right thumb for the category.

Process: Have each participant have a chance to catch the ball and ask them to each introduce themselves with what they would like to be called and then the answer to the category their thumb landed on. If the participant does not like the category they can quickly toss the ball to themselves for a new category to answer.

Variations: Find Everyone Who- Facilitator uses the ball to pick category for the group. Example “favorite childhood toy” Participants will have a second to think about what their “favorite childhood toy” was and then mingle with the rest of the group to see if they can find anyone else who has the same toy in mind. Once in a group have them stand together so there is distinction between the groups and then facilitator tosses ball again for a new category. You can also create your own categories if you would like.