Five Reasons Team Building Should Be A Priority For Your Team

Team building is not just a buzzword; it is a proven strategy that organizations use to foster stronger bonds among team members, enhance collaboration, and boost overall team productivity. If you are a follower of Training Wheels, then this is likely not new news to you, but I’m always still surprised by how many organizations […]

7-Up – a Problem-Solving Activity

This activity is one I like to use with groups that need a good challenge.  I like it because it sounds ridiculously easy to achieve, but it is actually quite difficult. It will naturally surface conflict and competition in groups.  Group members will start to challenge the rules and cut corners to achieve success, and […]

Human Pegboard Activity

This activity is from the book, Team Building From the Toy Aisle, by Matthew Broda, Michelle Cummings, and Trevor Dunlap. For the road warriors out there, many of you must have visited a Cracker Barrel Old Country Store ® along your journey. One of our favorite things about Cracker Barrel is that you most certainly […]

Anomia Cards – Total Recall Game

Here’s a fun activity we re-engineered for the Team Building From the Toy Aisle book.  Enjoy!   Total Recall Objective: Players will face off with other players in the room trying to be the first person to blurt out a correct answer. Each time a player wins a round, they earn points. Original Game: Anomia […]

Clasped Hands

This activity is a simple 60-second activity that packs a powerful metaphor.  It’s not necessarily new, but reframing it with a small tweak has renewed it for me.  I use it both in the virtual space as well as in-person. I originally learned this from Karl Rohnke as a way to divide your groups.  Simply […]

Virtual Team Building Games

The Spokesperson Newsletter from April 22, 2020 Virtual Team Building Games Hello facilitator friends!It’s now been about six weeks since Colorado issued it’s stay-at-home orders (which is where I live).  Since then it’s been a whirlwind of creating and sharing as many Virtual Team Building games as my fast little fingers could type out!  I […]

Word of the Year

Are you someone who chooses a Word of the Year? I started doing this the last few years. I find it amazing how often a word pops up in your life once you start putting some focus and energy around it. Last year my word was ‘Flow’… and boy did we have to go with […]

New Products and Happy New Year!

The Spokesperson Newsletter from January 6, 2021 Happy New Year! Hi friend!Happy New Year! I love turning the calendar over to a fresh blank slate. It’s like a pristine canvas waiting to be painted, and I get to be the artist. Remember when you were a kid and the feeling you got when you opened […]

Reflections from 2020

The Spokesperson Newsletter from December 30, 2020 Hi friend!With being widely known as, the Debriefing Queen, I really love reflecting on lessons learned every year. This year has given us plenty of opportunities to stretch and grow, and to learn some valuable lessons along the way. Here are some of my thoughts and reflections on […]

The Family Cookbook

It is finished… I’m not sure if my Grandma Mac blessed me or cursed me with this project, but it has been a labor of love. When she was still living at home (the home I’m now restoring), we went through her recipe box together and she told me stories about all her favorite recipes. […]