Changes Are a Comin’…

The Spokesperson Newsletter from October 7, 2020

Changes are a Comin’…I’ve been busy working on SO many things behind the scenes lately… a gigantic Website makeover, a new Newsletter template that is more user friendly (did you notice?), a new Online Games Database, Mobile Apps for virtual activities, creating content for new Online Courses, shooting marketing videos and new activity videos to add to the Online Games Database, new product photos, designing a few new activities and collaborating with designers, writing three new books simultaneously, recording new Podcast episodes, AND I was back in the classroom this week teaching in person again! Whew! None of it is ready to show yet, but there is a TON of cool stuff happening behind the scenes.
With all of this, you would think my head would be exploding, but honestly, I’m pretty geeked out and energized by all of it. Yes, I get a little tired at the end of each week, but the wheels that are in motion are so dang cool, and I can’t wait to roll each piece out as they get finished. Stay tuned Spokesperson!
What are you working on right now that you are geeking out about? I’d love to know! Hopefully it is something that is sparking creativity and feeding your soul.
Best wishes for an intentionally full and creative week!
Have Fun Out There,Michelle CummingsFounder / Facilitator / Big WheelTraining