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The Spokesperson Newsletter from April 1, 2020

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Virtual Team Building Games
Last week I lead my first Zoom session on Virtual Team Building Games and 490 people showed up!  It was amazing!  It was my first time leading a virtual group of that size and overall it went very well.  I’m going to do a ‘repeat’ session tomorrow, April 2 at 3:00pm MT / 5:00pm ET in case you missed last week’s session.  (Plus, it will be better than the first one since I’ve learned a few tricks and ironed out a few kinks since then.)  I’m going to have people register in advance this time so you make sure there is room for you.  Register in advance at this link to reserve your spot!  I hope to see you there!  Here is a link to the free downloadable handout that accompanies this workshop.

I’m also leading a More Virtual Team Building Games next Thursday, April 9 at 1:00pm MT / 3:00pm ET.  Registration required for this as well to reserve your spot!  Click here to register for More Virtual Team Building Activities.
I’m working on the handout for the ‘More’ session and will share it out as soon as it’s finished.    

And just so you know, our warehouse is still open to ship orders!  Not many people know this, but we operate Training Wheels on our property, so since we’re still at home, I can still ship orders out!  I haven’t run the shipping department in a looooong time, but I still remember how to do it!  I have great people employed that do this for me now, but for the short-term yours truly is more than willing to ship you any activities or props you may need.  So if you have budget dollars you need to spend or any needs for support materials, I would love any support you can give to my small business so I can keep my staff employed for the long run.  Thank you!  

Best wishes to everyone in this odd time in history.  Be healthy, be safe and remember that spending time in nature can be very healing for the soul.
Have fun out there, 
Michelle Cummings
Owner/Trainer/Big Wheel
Training Wheels