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30 Experiential Activities for a Virtual Audience

This free e-book by Training Wheels founder Michelle Cummings has 30 Experiential Activities for a Virtual Audience. As the need for online delivery intensifies, here are some tried and true activities that work in virtual platforms.  There are several Icebreakers, Brain Break Activities, Problem-Solving and Communication Activities and Debriefing Activities included.

Virtual Team Building Activities

THE VIRTUAL AUDIENCE: Tips for Successful Virtual Facilitation

You probably already know that converting regular activities into virtual activities isn’t as simple as just finding an online meeting room to use.  There are many additional things to consider and it requires some creativity, re-imagining and redesigning, all while keeping the integrity of the program intact.  We have to think about ways to increase engagement in an easily distractible environment as well.  As the need for online deliver intensifies, here’s a few tips on how to convert your in-person meeting or programs to virtual sessions, as well as some best practices for virtual facilitation.  There are a few bonus virtual connection activities included as well.

Tips for Successful Virtual Facilitation

INTERACTIVE Staff Training Activities

If you participated in Michelle’s high-energy, hands-on workshop for interactive staff training activities, this is the place to snag your handout!This workshop covered a wide range of helpful staff training topics, from icebreakers, getting-to-know you activities, to activities that help surface specific behaviors that you can immediately implement into your existing curriculum.Help your staff develop skills in their staff training that they can use in their work environment— all in an atmosphere that is non-threatening and FUN!

Interactive Staff Training Activities Handout


Online Course:  Experiential Facilitation 101 

Attendees will learn how to adapt activities and initiatives for use in their own existing and future training programs, as well as for a variety of group sizes and situations. Ice breakers and energizers need not be just fillers or boredom-breakers; when used effectively, they, too, can be directly tied to program objectives and markedly advance the transfer of learning.


Right activity. Right time. Right group.