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The Spokesperson Newsletter from November 18, 2020

Hey there!
It’s strange to say this, but I’m traveling this week for work. It’s my first flight in months and my travel mojo is a bit off! I’m realizing I have disassembled my travel bags enough that all of the tools and comforts that are usually at my fingertips in my bags are scattered somewhere in my home office. Nothing earth shattering of course, but my travel mojo is a bit off. I am, however, looking forward to being back in the ‘classroom’ and teaching in person again. We will be practicing physical distancing with limited props and will require masks and routine hand sanitizing after every activity. Nothing routine about the process now, but necessary for today and our current times.
Today I’m excited to share with you our most recent Podcasts episode, ‘How Do We use Our Facilitation Skills to Market our Programs?’ Chris and I interviewed a special guest who is skilled in this topic. He also happens to be my husband. I am fortunate to have a marketing guru under my same roof, and I have learned so much from him over the years. There are many reasons why Training Wheels has been successful over the years, and one of them is that I listen to and implement the sage advice I have learned from Paul over the years. If you’ve not met Paul Cummings with Strategic Adventures, then I have the absolute pleasure of introducing you to my soul mate in this world. He is remarkably talented and gifted, and has designed a process for helping adventure facilitators and companies use their talents in facilitation and put those skills to use in marketing their services. You can listen to the episode here, and check out his website at
New Workshop Opportunity! Register soon before we fill up!
Matthew, Trevor and I presented this workshop last week at the AEE conference. It was amazingly fun and the feedback has been awesome! We have been busy working behind the scenes on converting many of the in-person games from Team Building From the Toy Aisle into digital format. We’re going to host a 3-hour session to introduce you to the new games from the book, but also teach you ways to start developing these kinds of tools on your own. The games we will present will work well in both in-person programs and with virtual teams. We also strategically put this workshop right before the US Thanksgiving holiday, so you can play-test these games with your loved ones if you are looking for fun, educational experiences in the virtual space.
When: November 23, 2020Time: 2:00-5:00p ET (12:00-3:00p MT)Cost: $50
Session attendees will:Be able to recognize and apply the central design elements that facilitate the development of successful experiential tools.Receive the Full Digital Asset Package for all games presented so you can get playing with your virtual teams right away.Recognize and apply game-design elements into a re-envisioning of existing resources.Utilize existing experiential theory to develop a new structure and outcome for an existing game or learning tool.Participate in a makerspace experience that synthesizes all objectives above in the production of new and unique experiential tools.
Register Here for Team BuildingFrom the Toy Aisle Workshop.Hope to see you there!
Best wishes for an intentionally full and creative week!

Have Fun Out There,

Michelle Cummings
Founder / Facilitator / Big Wheel
Training Wheels