The Spokesperson Newsletter from November 25, 2020

GratitudeDid you read the quote above? It’s one of my favorites on the topic of Gratitude. As November starts to wind down, we celebrate Thanksgiving here in the United States. For me, Thanksgiving is the perfect gateway to the holidays. It usually begins with bringing the people I love to the table for a feast that’s always familiar, yet neve the same twice. This year it will look and feel very different as we connect with more of our loved ones in the virtual space. I am still thankful that platforms such as Zoom exist to make the distance feel a little less distant. This week also happens to be my 21 year wedding anniversary with my husband Paul. I’m so thankful for him and the fun and love he brings to my life.
And in the spirit of Thanksgiving, there do not seem to be words to describe my gratitude for my staff here at Training Wheels. I am so thankful for the hard work and dedication this small-but-mighty crew has for our mission in this big world. Cheryl, Craig, Dylan, Jenny, Jae, Jackie, JJ, Lindsay and all of the other support staff are essential to our success and are deeply appreciated for their hard work. Love them all!I’m also thankful for my facilitation family and those of you that have placed your trust and business with me over the years. As a small business owner, I am extremely grateful for YOU!This newsletter now reaches over 24,000 facilitators in over 100 countries and I’m thankful for email platforms like this that we can be connected to one another all over the globe.
To say thank-you, here’s a coupon code for your holiday shopping or for your holiday staff gifts this year. Holiday2020 is the code for 15% off and it will be good through Monday morning. It’s even good on sale items! A new book or a new activity for yourself, your co-workers or your staff is a great way to build skills and enhance your program Thank you again for your continued business and support.
Happy Thanksgivingfrom the Big Wheel!Just For Fun: A few weeks ago in the intro of my Podcast, it was mentioned that I had just been in Kansas helping my family with corn harvest on our farm. I received several emails from listeners saying they wanted photos of me driving the semi! So I thought I would oblige. (see left column) I can also do more than a photo! We happened to get some drone footage of our operation this year, so here’s a little farm fun for you. Feel free to eat corn chips and salsa while watching, because those chips could be made with this corn!
(And if you get bored watching this 16-minute video, imagine sitting in that combine every day, 12-hours a day for a month until every kernel of corn has been picked!) haha.Pretty cool, eh? I love being a farm kid and still getting to play in the dirt with my siblings. Feeds my farm-girl soul…
Thanks again for being a part of my facilitator family. I am truly grateful for you. Best wishes for a safe and restful holiday.

Have Fun Out There,

Michelle Cummings
Founder / Facilitator / Big Wheel
Training Wheels