In-Person Team Building While Physically Distancing

The Spokesperson Newsletter from July 8, 2020

In-Person Team Building While Physically Distancing
Hello facilitator friends!
With some areas of the world starting to transition back to in-person events, I thought it would be timely to focus another newsletter article on this subject.  I’ve been keeping an eye on and participating in several discussions around transitioning back to in-person events, and what activities will work for physically distancing, as opposed to social distancing.  I never really liked the term ‘social distancing’ when the stay-at-home-orders went into effect, because I feel like I was still very social.  I just did it in a virtual format, but hey, they didn’t ask me!  Haha.  Several of you, however, have asked me for advice on how-the-heck we do this safely as we transition back to in-person programming.  
Last week Chris Cavert and I met up to record another new episode of our podcast, ‘Ask Michelle & Chris About Team Building‘  And since this is such a timely topic, we dove in and tackled the question, “What Ideas and Strategies Do you have for In-Person Team Building While Physically Distancing?”    You can listen to, download and access the show notes to this episode and all available episodes at this link.  
Team Building From Six Feet Apart WebinarAnd if you missed the recording for this webinar I lead last month, here’s a link to the video recording.  And here’s a link to the free handout to download the activity instructions included in this session.
Team Building From Six Feet Apart

Best wishes to you and your loved ones to be healthy, safe and to be virtually connected.  

Have fun out there, 

Michelle Cummings
Owner/Trainer/Big Wheel
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