Holiday-Themed Virtual Scavenger Hunt

The Spokesperson Newsletter from December 9, 2020

Holiday-Themed Virtual Scavenger HuntHi friend!
Today’s the day! I hope you will join me at 2:00pm MT (4:00pm ET) today for my Holiday Themed Virtual Scavenger Hunt. I’ve built out a fun yet challenging virtual scavenger hunt to help provide everyone with an intentional, virtual event they can do with their friends, families or co-workers in a remote environment. I included clues from most of the holidays celebrated in December: Christmas, Hanukkah, Boxing Day, Kwanza. The clues have themes of connection, traditions, and teamwork to them, so not only are you having fun you are also building some necessary skills and bonding time together. 
For $50 (on sale today from $75), you will get access to the Scavenger Hunt itself, so you can PLAY first. You also get access to the recording of the event, the Onboarding PPT slide deck and a copy of the ‘back side’ of the Scavenger Hunt so you can replicate your own. Even if you cannot attend the day of the event, you will get this asset package afterwards.
When:  December 9, 2020. 2:00pm MT / 4:00pm ET.  
Time Needed:  90 minutes. There will be about 10 minutes for the ‘Onboarding’ process. Then 30-40 minutes for the Scavenger Hunt itself. Then spend 10 minutes debriefing the experience, and the next 30 minutes teaching you how to build one of these on your own.  
Moving Forward:  You are welcome to use this same hunt with your own clients and families after the event. You can even charge your clients for this event and make money off of it. If this helps provide you with a little extra income this holiday season, that will be a gift to both you and me. 
Register Here: Holiday-Themed Virtual Scavenger Hunt.
As the holiday’s approach and families and organizations start planning their virtual holiday parties, I create a few holiday themed icebreaker graphics for anyone and everyone to use. Feel free to download these directly into your slide decks or link directly to the graphic. I intentionally did not brand these with the Training Wheels logo so you can use them with your own clients if you’d like.
Here’s a link to a Holiday Icebreaker graphic.
Here’s a link to a Holiday Dicebreaker graphic.
Invite participants to bring a pair of dice with them to your virtual meeting, or use an Online Dice Roller.New Video: I’ve been working on several new videos for my Training Wheels products the last several months. Enjoy learning more about the Comfort Zone Wheelies:

Have Fun Out There,

Michelle Cummings
Founder / Facilitator / Big Wheel
Training Wheels