Bucket Bullseye

Props Needed: Boundary Rope, multiple tossable items of various shapes, sizes and bounce-ability, several rope circles and a few buckets of various sizes. For a group of 20 participants, at least 100 tossable items is recommended. (i.e. bouncy balls, koosh balls, rubber chickens, hackey sacks, bean bags, etc.)

Space needed: Large, open space

Set Up: Place a boundary rope at one end of the space. Scatter all tossable items behind this rope. Place a few rope circles about 10-15 feet off of the boundary rope, then a few buckets another 5-10 feet further, then a few additional rope circles another 5-10 feet further.


  • Ask group members to stand behind the boundary rope where the tossable items are scattered.
  • Give point values to each of the target areas. 1 point for the close-in rope circles, 5 points for the closest buckets, 10 points for the buckets further away. 15 points for the farthest rope circles.
  • Give the group 2 minutes to strategize.
  • Goal is to see how many points they can achieve as a team. Ready go!
  • Round 1: Calculate points. Debrief the experience. Ask questions around process improvement.
  • Round 2: Allow the group to pre-brief and discuss a possible new strategy. Goal is to see if they can get more points than they did in Round 1. Debrief the experience.
  • Round 3: Optional. If they achieved more points in Round 2, then Round 3 may not be needed. If they received less points, then Round 3 allows them another chance for process improvement.

Debriefing Questions

  • Once the directions were given, what happened? How did the group accomplish the task?
  • How did you feel about your performance?
  • Who made suggestions for completing the task? Were their ideas listened to?
  • What were some of the strategies you used when you were tossing the items?
  • What do you think is the purpose of this activity?
  • What would you do differently next time?
  • How does this relate to process improvement? What did you do differently in the different rounds?
  • How does this relate to the real world?