Virtual Icebreakers and Connection Activities

Virtual Icebreakers and Connection Activities

I will admit that Virtual Team Building activities stretch me.  I really want to be intentional with the time I have with a group, and I don’t want to fill it with anything that is hokey or just a time filler.  In a virtual world keeping people connected is critical and making time for Connection Before diving into Content helps individuals feel less isolated and part of a team.  Here are a few ideas for a few Virtual Icebreakers and Connection Activities:

  1. Take a Picture Of:  Everyone has a unique workspace and environment.  Have them share a photo of something unique to them but similar to everyone else on the team.  Here are a few prompts to start with:
    • Your current workspace
    • Something unique on your desk
    • Your socks or footwear of choice today
    • Your favorite spot in your home
    • Your pet, favorite plant or other living organism you help keep alive
  2. Use Online Polling platforms for instant answers to questions.  I recently discovered and have enjoyed using this with both live and virtual audiences.  Create questions that will give you a barometer of how people are feeling.  Here’s an example:
  1. Dicebreakers!  An Icebreaker Activity using Dice.  Most people will have access to a pair of dice.  Raid a pair from a board game or look in that junk drawer of life! Request that they have one available during your online meeting and have each person roll the dice and answer the corresponding question to the number on the die.
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  1. Remote Lunch and Learns
    • Have everyone read the same book and join a Google Hangout or Zoom meeting and answer discussion questions.  Make sure one person is the moderator and has a list of questions prepared ahead of time.
  1. Story Stones or Picture Cards
    • Show a photo of Story Stones or Picture Cards of some kind and ask participants to share a response to their chosen image.  Questions could revolve around feelings, goals, or anything you choose.
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  • Tiny Campfire
    • Who doesn’t love a good campfire?  Create a virtual campfire by having everyone bring a candle and their favorite S’mores ingredients and share a reflection while making and eating a fun snack.

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