Tips for Trainers – Two Announcements!

Facilitator Tip: Two Announcements!

I have two announcements to share today!

Sneak Peek!

First, I’ve received multiple requests for a ‘Sneak Peek View’ into the new Online Games Database. I created a quick video that shows you all of the features of database, so watch this quick video!

Training Wheels Online Games Database Sneak Peak!
Training Wheels Online Games Database
I’ve created a Sneak Peak membership for $19.99! This will give you 30 day access to the database. Once your 30 days is up, you will be required to upgrade to the $29.99 membership fee or cancel your membership. Give it a try and see what you think! Click here for more info.

Webinar on Effective Debriefing Tools and Techniques

Second, I’m excited to announce a joint effort with the Association for Experiential Education. Join me next Tuesday, March 7th for my first webinar with the Association for Experiential Education on Effective Debriefing Tools and Techniques!

When: Tuesday, March 7 at 3:00pm ET (2:00pm CT, 1:00pm MT, 12:00pm PT)
Cost: $19.95 AEE Members / $29.95 Non-Members – Register now!
Presenter: Michelle Cummings, M.S.
Length of Webinar: 1 hour
CEUs / CECs Available
Webinar Description:
Are you good at the games but not so good at the debrief? Do you ask questions and get blank stares from your participants? Do you picture a debrief as a ‘sit down’ circle where the Facilitator asks questions and the participants answer? Although this can be an effective debriefing technique, if it is the only technique used, participants can become bored with it and can become easily distracted. This 60-minute webinar will focus on 10 effective debriefing tools and techniques that are simple and easy to use. We will break each technique down and demonstrate different games or activities teaching the concept. These techniques for processing are sure to liven up your debriefing circles.

I hope you will join me!
Have fun out there,
Michelle Cummings
Owner/Trainer/Big Wheel
Training Wheels