Tips for Trainers – New Product! The River Cards & Guidebook

A Note from the Big Wheel…

New Product! The River Cards & Guidebook

River Cards & Guidebook
We’re excited to introduce a new product this week, The River Cards & Guidebook
These beautifully illustrated cards are designed for individuals or groups to describe their life journey by selecting different river cards and placing them in an order of their choice. The set is a helpful resource for mental health professionals working with children, adolescents or adults, having a wide range of needs.

The set includes:

✔ Deck of 60 projective river cards
✔ Metaphoric story
✔ Guide book for Therapists

The set was developed in order to facilitate and encourage therapeutic work on various processes in life (e.g. process of coping with illness/ death/ divorce/ relocation, ongoing phases in life/ career/ group/ rehab etc.). Participants can build out their own journey by using cards from multiple rivers.

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Also, in case you missed the announcement, check out our New Website! The old one was getting a little tired, and a refresh was definitely in order. Cruise on over and check out the new features, including instant downloads of content and videos of activities! If you click on the link and get our old site, just hit refresh and the new one will load. Let me know what you think!

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