Tips for Trainers – Action and Reflection

Action and Reflection

Do most of your debriefing sessions happen in a seated position? Traditionally processing has involved sitting a group of participants down in a circle after an activity and having the facilitator ask participants questions regarding their reactions to experience. Though this activity can be effective, it can be tiresome for everyone involved if it is the only processing method used. Also in this method, the facilitator is directing the participants rather than students interpreting the experience for them.

Some of the best processing can come from adding in some movement with your conversation. Having participants literally think while on their feet can add energy and livelihood to your process. One of my favorite activity for Action and Reflection is Shuffle Left, Shuffle Right.

Shuffle Left, Shuffle Right (Debriefing in Motion)

Concepts: Providing some kinesthetic movement during a reviewing session can maintain the energy of the group, and keep those high energy folks engaged by being active.

Begin by asking the group to form one large circle. Groups may decide to place their arms around their neighbors, hold hands, or simple stand unconnected next to each other.
The facilitator offers the group the chance to ‘have their say.’ This may be related to a particular question, or the previous activity, or be open to any viewpoint that a person in the group wishes to share. It is often helpful for the facilitator to go first, and demonstrate the style (and length) of response.
The activity begins with the group shuffling to the left.
At some point, the facilitator says – stop!! and then gives their comment to the group.
Next, they say – shuffle right, and the entire group shuffles right, until someone else says – stop!! and has their say.
Depending on time, continue until each person has had an opportunity to share.
Have fun out there,
Michelle Cummings
Owner/Trainer/Big Wheel
Training Wheels