Tips for Trainers – A ‘Piece of Advice’

A ‘Piece of Advice’

I love a good metaphor. In fact, even the name of my company is one big metaphor. Training Wheels: you only use training for a little while, before you take the Training Wheels off and ‘make it your own.’ That’s how all of my trainings are conducted. I’m only there for a short while and it’s up to the participants to take what they learn in the workshop and ‘make it their own.’ I love it!

This time of year is full of planning for bridal showers, weddings, graduation, baby showers and other events. I love using a twist on The Community Puzzle for events such as these. In team building, I use the Community Puzzle as a debriefing tool. I ask participants to think about how they are an ‘essential piece’ of the team and write down or draw some of their unique skills on a puzzle piece. Another option is to use it at the end of a program and ask them to jot down a few key ‘pieces of learning’ they got out of the day. It makes a nice way to artistically illustrate the ‘aha’ moments. Then the group puts the puzzle together and it looks like a great big quilt! I love to see all of the colors and patterns come to life.

For weddings, graduations and other events, I love to use the Community Puzzle as a unique Guest book. Have each guest write their name on a puzzle piece and leave a ‘piece of advice’ for the bride/groom/graduate. Pair that with a play on words and you’ve got a unique, memorable guest book that you can keep forever! Check out The Community Puzzle for your next event.

What creative way can you use the puzzle metaphor?
Have fun out there,
Michelle Cummings
Owner/Trainer/Big Wheel
Training Wheels