Renovations and Restorations

The Spokesperson Newsletter from September 9, 2020

Renovations and Restorations
Hello Facilitator Friends!
Whether it’s a change in season, our homes, or our teams, most of us are fascinated by makeovers. I know I spend way too much time watching the HGTV channel myself. From magazines to trainings to television shows, we all drink in reinventions of almost every conceivable thing: rooms, closets, cars, bodies, even relationships. Why? Because aside from a little silliness here and there, makeovers are particularly instructive. They offer a window into the process of transformation, the whys, the hows, and the actions that bring it about. Wanting to do something better… is an outer expression of an inner desire.  And one thing that makes the process that much better?  Having the right tools for the job.

I took last week off and went home to my farm in Kansas.  It was so good to get away from my computer screen for several days and help get our tractors and combines ready for the Fall harvest.  I’m also in the process of restoring my grandparents home that my grandfather built in the 1930’s, so we meet with contractors and got the house ready for the process.  It’s going to be a pretty massive renovation, and I can’t wait to dig in and help restore my roots.  Having the right tools, machinery, and people in place will make both of these projects go smoothly, and it will take a LOT of planning and preparation to make both happen.  I’m going to video document the process, and I’ll be sharing updates on my YouTube Channel, so if you’re curious make sure you subscribe!  
And speaking of videos…  over the next few months I’m going to be shooting several tutorial videos for both in-person team building activities and virtual team building activities.  Some of these videos will be posted on my YouTube Channel, and some of them will be housed in my Online Games Database.  My entire website, Online Store and Games Database is getting a massive overhaul this Fall, and I could not be more excited about a new fresh look and more functionality.  And again, having the right people with the right skills, abilities, and tools to get the job done is essential to having this go smoothly. So I’d like to invite you to think about the facilitation tools you have in your toolbox…  What would a facilitation makeover would look like for you?  Being a good facilitator requires diligence in setting goals for yourself to be a better leader.  What areas of facilitation challenge you?  What behaviors of your leadership mentors do you want to emulate? What can you implement with your team that will encourage them to be better at their jobs?  What feedback have you received in the past can you dust off and makeover–or make better?  
Here are a few ideas for you to consider:  Attend trainings, workshops or conferences.  Learn from others who are masters in their field. (Like the Training Wheels Experiential Facilitation workshop next month!)  (Or register for our Self-Paced Online Course.)Elicit feedback from your direct reports/co-workers on how you could lead them better.  Locate opportunities for expanding your learning by attending leadership development workshops. Schedule a monthly lunch with a mentor or coach you trust.  Be willing to step outside your comfort zone. Some renovations cost thousands of dollars, while others just need a simple new coat of paint to completely change a room.  Whether you have a big budget or no budget for building your facilitation skills, you have options.  You just need to pick one and get started.  Grab your hard hat and work gloves and let’s get to work!

Best wishes for an Intentionally Full week. 

Have fun out there, 

Michelle Cummings
Owner/Trainer/Big Wheel
Training Wheels