Creativity By Constraint

The Spokesperson Newsletter from October 21, 2020

Hey there!
From September to November I will have presented at 15 different virtual conferences, facilitated 30+ Virtual Scavenger Hunts and Team Building Sessions. I’ve been presenting on Best Practices for Virtual FacilitationEffective Debriefing Tools & TechniquesEffective Staff Training, play sessions promoting my upcoming book, Team Building From the Toy Aisle, and LOTS of Virtual Scavenger Hunts. It’s been a blast connecting with people all over the world and providing fun, educational experiences for people online.
If you would have told me a year ago that I would be facilitating most of my trainings online… and that I’d actually be enjoying it I would have laughed so hard! This year has been full of what I’m calling, ‘Creativity by Constraint.’ We’ve had to figure out quickly how to be the experts in a space most of us have intentionally avoided for, oh, EVER. (Or at least I have!)
There’s something to be said about Creativity by Constraint… For me, I need deadlines to keep me moving forward. I have what I jokingly call, Shiny Object Syndrome… loads of fun side projects that I could spend my time doing, (house renovations, gardening/farming, designing new games/products, video shoots, camping, fly fishing, volunteering, etc.) so if I don’t have goals or events that motivate me I can easily get distracted. This newsletter is a great example of Creativity by Constraint for me. I know that by Tuesday of every week that I need to know what I’m writing about, what I want to put on sale and then make time to populate my newsletter template. I will admit that there are weeks that I wake up on Wednesday and go, “Dang it! It’s Wednesday!” and quickly head to my computer to be creative in the moment. I swear some of my best newsletter articles have been the ones that I sat down and created in the moment, rather then planning and thinking about it too much.
This week Chris and I focused our Podcast Episode on a similar topic, and the question we tackled was: ‘As Team Builders, How Do We Consciously Keep Things Fresh?’  Give this episode a listen!
So how about you? What do you think about Creativity by Constraint? How has 2020 provided you with opportunities to be creative?
Best wishes for an intentionally full and creative week!Have Fun Out There,Michelle CummingsFounder / Facilitator / Big WheelTraining