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Brain Break Activities

No matter what type of classroom you teach in, whether it be in-person or virtual, you need to keep the brain in mind in your teaching methods. Most people cannot sit-and-get their learning and retain much at all. It doesn’t matter if you work with youth or adults, the human brain needs a short break […]

Deeper Conversations

Last February I introduced a new set of question cards I created called Comfort Zone Wheelies.  At the time, I had lead a few programs where the client has asked me to help the participants go below the surface level when asking questions of one another.  Asking deeper questions is a great way to help participants […]

Virtual Icebreakers and Connection Activities

Virtual Icebreakers and Connection Activities I will admit that Virtual Team Building activities stretch me.  I really want to be intentional with the time I have with a group, and I don’t want to fill it with anything that is hokey or just a time filler.  In a virtual world keeping people connected is critical […]

Nine Lives

Purpose/ Focus: Introduce Materials: One CrowdCubes© Shape Set (nine cubes) per team Grouping: 4-6 Participants Per Team (the bigger, the better) Overview: An energetic team dice game that builds competition/anticipation with each round. Facilitation Process: Ask the larger group to get into teams of 4-6 people. Ask each team to secure one CrowdCubes© Shape Set […]

Program Evaluations

Program Evaluations are a great way to get feedback on your program.  They can help you determine the effectiveness and impact you are having on your clients. Program evaluations are a key opportunity to gather feedback for improvements and for decision-making purposes. Here are five key reasons to conduct program evaluations. To Obtain Insight: Program […]

CrowdWords Letter Swap

Letter Swap Purpose/Focus:  Introductions or Reflection Props Needed:  CrowdWords cards Grouping:  10+ people Overview:  Get to know people through random discussion starters. Facilitation Process: Each Participant is given a CrowdWords card to start the exercise. When the activity starts, participants will eventually exchange their CrowdWords card with each new partner they meet. Ask participants to […]

Bucket Bullseye

Props Needed: Boundary Rope, multiple tossable items of various shapes, sizes and bounce-ability, several rope circles and a few buckets of various sizes. For a group of 20 participants, at least 100 tossable items is recommended. (i.e. bouncy balls, koosh balls, rubber chickens, hackey sacks, bean bags, etc.) Space needed: Large, open space Set Up: […]

Reverse Pyramid Build

From the Book:  Cup It Up, Team Building with Cups, by Chris Cavert and Barry Thompson Activity Objective:  Build the tallest cup pyramid starting with the top level of a single cup. Facilitated Objective:  Small Group interaction Communication behaviors. Identifying, delegating, and taking on different roles and responsibilities. Encountering and managing failure. Perseverance. Consensus Building. […]

Activity for Gender Awareness

Colors of the Rainbow by Jill Schladweiler (Special thanks to Michelle Cummings for her inspiration and the lovely folks at NCCPS 2019) Ages: all ages and abilities Group size: Suggested size for parts 1 and 2, up to 18, I have done part 3 with 35 people Supplies: space for all people, wide variety of […]