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May 25
Client program, Golden, CO

May 30
Association for Experiential Education free Webinar:  Tag You’re It!,  Lead by Michelle Cummings.

June 1-2
Client program, Potomac, MD

June 8
Client program, Boulder, CO

June 29
Experiential Toolbox Workshop, Austin, TX  Register Today!

July 3-10
Beijing Teachers Conference, Beijing, China

July 11
Client program, Potomac, MD

July 25
AEE webinar

August 5-9
Client program, Santa Barbara, CA

August 7-8
Client program, Estes Park, CO

August 17
Keynote for Denver Women’s Council.  Denver, CO

August 29-31
Experiential Facilitation 101 Workshop 

Location:  Table Mountain Inn, Golden, CO

Time:  9:00am-4:00pm,  Lunch included!

Price:  $975    Includes instruction manual and choice of 1 activity

September 10-13
Personify Leadership. Denver, CO. www.PersonifyLeadership.com

October 3
American Camping Association Southwest Gathering, Playnote and Workshops. Antioch, TN.

November 7-11
AEE, The Association for Experiential Education conference. Orlando, FL. www.aee.org

Dec 3-6
CCCA conference. Christian Camp and Conference Association. Palm Springs, CA. www.ccca.org


February 7-10
ACCT Conference. The Association for Challenge Course Technology, Denver, CO. www.acctinfo.org

February 19-22
ACA National Conference:  American Camping Association.  Nashville, TN.

March 1-3
NCCPS:  The Faciilitator’s Un-Conference  www.leahy-inc.com

March 20-23
Tri-States ACA Conference:  American Camping Association  www.acacamps.com

April 16-19
Personify Leadership, Denver, CO.  www.personifyleadership.com

April 22-29
Michelle’s Annual Fly Fishing Trip!  Ahhhhh….

September 10-13
Personify Leadership, Denver, CO.  www.personifyleadership.com