Tips for Trainers

Change the Rules

Changing the Rules One fun thing about being an experiential facilitator is getting to change the rules of a particular game to fit the needs

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Start with a Buzz

Corporate Buzzwords and Tools to Use them with. Love them or hate them, corporate buzzwords are here to stay. Anyone working in corporate America will

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Find a Mentor

Find a Mentor You Trust Becoming a better trainer takes practice. Advice from those that have already made the mistakes is immensely helpful. Find a

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Jumbo F.R.O.G.

The Talking Stick is a common method for both a speaking prompt and group management tool during reflective discussions. It provides an opportunity for each

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Numbers Thumball

Numbers Thumball A very versatile ball that can be used to prompt processing, reflection, get to know you, and icebreaker activities. Use the Numbers Thumball

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Trash Can Conflict

Type of Initiative:    Opening activity, Conflict Source:  Rey Carr from Peer Resources Published in:   Setting the Conflict Compass, by Michelle Cummings with Mike Anderson Purpose:  Rey

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