Experiential Business Initiatives That Work

This high-energy, hands-on workshop will teach participants how to utilize experiential techniques, activities, and methods to enhance their existing training programs, develop their own team building events, and even spice up weekly meetings. Incorporating experiential activities and reflective learning approaches into training curriculum can significantly increase participation, interaction, fun, and bottom-line results.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Training Professionals, Managers and Supervisors, and Independent Consultants.

Activities will include 10 of the most effective ice breakers, energizers, and problem-solving initiatives that enhance communication skills, improve the ability to resolve conflicts, and strengthen relationships through consensus building, innovation and trust.

Upgrade Your Business Savvy 

Attendees will learn how to adapt such activities and initiatives for use in their own existing and future training programs, as well as for a variety of group sizes and situations. Ice breakers and energizers need not be just fillers or boredom-breakers; when used effectively, they, too, can be directly tied to program objectives and markedly advance the transfer of learning.

This train-the-trainer workshop will teach participants how to properly frame, sequence, and debrief experiential activities so that they have the greatest impact. 

Right activity. Right time. Right group.