You’ve Hired Them, Now What Do You Do With Them?

You expect staff to think on their feet, why not train them on their feet?  This experiential workshop covers a wide range of helpful staff training topics, from icebreakers, getting-to-know you activities, to activities that help staff embrace their different work styles and gifts.  These are not only team-building activities, but team bonding, too — both of which are important for uniting your staff. Best of all, once your staff learn the activities, they can use them with your campers.  Help your staff develop skills for how a team communicates, makes decisions, recognizes conflicts and solves problems—all in an atmosphere that is non-threatening and FUN!

Participants consistently say, “This was the best training I have ever attended!”

Camp Staff Learning Outcomes

• Learn new games and activities to use with campers

• Highly practical with adaptable tools for instant implementation

• Research based, with just the right amount of theory support the application

• Customizable for virtually any content

• Techniques are effectively modeled to reinforce the content

• Fun!

Different Spokes for Different Folks

This program is perfect for any level of staff! Customizable to any length from one to three days, this course receives rave reviews.                                                               Customize a Camp Staff Training to fit your exact needs.

Testimonial:  “We have been fortunate to have Michelle at staff training for the last three years, and each summer, we receive feedback from our staff that her training was integral in helping them establish healthy cabin cultures, facilitate constructive conflict resolution techniques, and that it was a great resource for the always important ice breakers and get to know you games.  Michelle connects with the staff so well, and encourages them to take what they learn from her, and make it their own.  As a Camp Director, I love that when I walk around I see them using the tools and techniques they learn from Michelle to to enhance their campers experience everyday!”  ~Tom Pevear, Assistant Director, Camp Granite Lake



• Low Prop-No Prop activities activities: Games they can use on the fly.

• Processing Tools and Techniques: Enhance your Staff’s ability to capture those teachable moments

• Energizers and Ice Breakers: 100 kids right off the bus? No problem. Get them moving and interacting the moment they get there!

• Combination of all of the above!

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