Training Wheels is your creative resource for building high-performance teams. We are an experiential-based training organization that works with facilitators, teachers, trainers and teams teaching foundational skills necessary to be successful.  We also have an Online  Store full of experiential activities, books and team building kits.  We are your one-stop shop for experiential programming.


A note from Michelle Cummings, the Big Wheel and founder of Training Wheels:

I love telling stories. So I thought I would include a brief history piece of how Training Wheels came to be. I moved to Colorado July 2, 1998 and met my future husband, Paul, that very same day. I was working for an adventure resort as their Challenge Course Director and Corporate Team Development Specialist. After a year at the resort Paul and I decided to get married. I started looking around Denver for a full time job and couldn’t find anything that fit me. So the dream of Training Wheels started then. I officially opened Training Wheels in late July 1999 with a web site, some training programs and 4 products to sell. Over the years we have grown into many departments—or Spokes as we like to call them. We have over 350 different activities, books, and trainings that we now offer and have presented at hundreds of conferences teaching others how to do what we do. I have a real passion for hands-on learning and the amazing growth I see in others when they learn experientially. I chose the name Training Wheels for a few reasons: 1. We’re portable and can come to you. Wheels make it that much easier. All of our Training Kits that we use and sell have wheels. 2. I like the metaphor of the training wheel. I truly believe you only need training for a little while before you take them off and ride on your own. Like learning how to ride a bike with training wheels, our clients learn ways to grow and balance for the long ride. We are here to support you on the many paths you will encounter by providing hands-on learning and the tools you need to be successful.


Our Guiding Principles frame everything we do at Training Wheels. WE BELIEVE:

• In Play with Purpose

• That change and learning can and should be Fun

• That Reflection is an integral part of learning

• In incorporating all Learning Styles in our work

• In living with Integrity

• In our Quality Guarantee

• IContinual Growth (for ourselves and others)

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