Community Puzzle - Events

Our puzzle makes the perfect guest book alternative for your special day. Invite your guests to sign a puzzle piece and leave you with a ‘piece of advice.’.

What is the Community Puzzle?  It’s a blank, universal puzzle that fits together in any order.  All pieces come blank. Use markers, crayons, paint, etc to make these pieces part of your special day. Center pieces measure 4″ x 4″. Border pieces are 2″ x 4″. Pieces are universal and can fit together in any form. Combine multiple puzzles to create any size.

Find the puzzle that is the right size for your event guests (24, 50, 100, 200). Pick from the drop down menu above. All puzzles include the number of center pieces as guests and enough side pieces to go all the way around the puzzle as one big puzzle. (200 guest receives enough to break into two different puzzles if needed due to size).

Finished Size: A 50 guest puzzle measures 5 pieces (24″) by 10 pieces (44″). For exact sizing please contact Training Wheels.


  • Graduation, Baby Shower, Retirement, etc. – Give advice on things to look forward to, to remember, or be cautious of as they move into the next phase of their life.
  • Guest Book — Give a piece to each person/family and have them ‘sign in’ with names and where they are from on their piece.
  • Place Holder — Pictures or names of attendees and what table they are sitting at. You can also have them leave a piece of advice on the back of the puzzle piece. This leaves you with memories of who was there and the advice they leave you.
  • Save the Date — Send as your invitation to the wedding. If someone can’t attend the wedding they can send their piece back with their thoughts, advice, memories, or happy wishes and be part of your day.
  • Piece of Advice — Write, draw, color a message for the bride and groom on their happy day.
  • Memories or Stories — Have a memory of the happy couple leading up to their big day. Write it here!
  • Advent Calendar: 24 center pieces provides a great lead up to the Holidays. Each day draw/write what your thankful for or something about the holiday season and share with friends & family this Holiday season.
  • Thanksgiving:  What are you Thankful for? Each day draw/write what your thankful and share with friends & family this Holiday season.
  • Fundraiser: Sell each piece for a suggested donation of $1-$5 each.  You could use the slogan, “Solving the _________ puzzle, one piece at a time…”

Return Policy: Due to the specialization of our Wedding Puzzles we do not accept returns on partial puzzles or left over pieces. To return a full puzzle please contact Training Wheels directly.