Comfort Zone Wristbands

150 Colored wristbands, 50 of each color, and laminated signs included

Now that the world is starting to open back up a little, and we’re getting back to more in-person events, it’s important that we take into account how comfortable people are with being around other people.  Ideally, we want to create a physically safe and emotionally safe environment for others.  To do this here’s a creative way to let people self-identify with how close they want to get with other people, with color-coded social distancing armbands.

The colors of a stoplight make for an easy, relatable metaphor that even young children would understand.  Green means go, I’m comfortable with interacting with others.  Yellow means caution, I’m okay with talking but not touching, maybe an elbow bump, but that’s about it.  And red means stop, I’m too far outside my comfort zone and I prefer to stay at least 6-feet apart from others.

Set up a table with the different colored wristbands in different piles.  Put signs next to each color with ideas for boundaries and acceptable greetings.  This helps people know how to greet others in a non-verbal way that have a different preference than they do.  It can also help create a more emotionally safe environment that allows everyone to feel comfortable participating.

Our Comfort Zone Wristbands are made of silicone, so they could be washed and reused for your next event after cleaning.  Our signs are also laminated so you can wipe them down and disinfect them as well.

150 Colored wristbands, 50 of each color, and laminated signs included


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