Virtual Team Building

Nature Mandalas

Directions: This one works well with recurring meetings and intact teams. At the close of a meeting, invite participants to spend some time in nature

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Simon Says

If you haven’t played the NEW version of Simon Says yet then you are in for a treat!  Our dear friend and fellow facilitator Scott

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The County Fair

Our good friend Jim Cain from Teamwork & Teamplay shared this activity from his book Team Building with Index Cards, and from his custom card

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Word Circle Puzzles

Source:  Chip Schlegel, Chris Cavert with   Props Needed: Cards with Word Circle puzzles   Directions:  The basic idea of Word Circle Puzzles is

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Six Count

Source: Executive Marbles, by Sam Sikes The Empty Bag, by Chris Cavert and Dick Hammond Set Up:  Enough room for participants to move their arms

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