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Tips for Trainers – Facilitator Tip: Creative Brain Break Activities

Facilitator Tip: Creative Brain Break Activities Schools all over the world are gearing up for another year. We have facilitated multiple Teacher In-Service programs this month, giving staff the opportunity to get to know each other better while learning valuable tips for creating community in the classroom. We shared multiple ideas for great ‘brain break’ […]

Tips for Trainers – Choice and Consequences

Choice and Consequences It’s AUGUST! Where did the summer go?! As kids and teachers gear up to head back to school, I wanted to focus some attention on building community in the classroom. I facilitate a lot of ‘Teacher Inservice’ programs each August. The purpose of such trainings are two-fold: 1. I encourage teachers to […]

Tips for Trainers – An end of an era…

An end of an era…Michael Sherwood Have You Ever played the game Have You Ever? Have you ever… ordered anything from our online store? Have you ever… wondered who ships out your orders? Have you ever… retired at the age of 65 but still wanted to keep working? Have you ever… served in the US […]

Experiences from Istanbul

Experiences from Istanbul Me-Shell Coach I had a wonderful opportunity to work with a summer camp in Istanbul, Turkey last week. I did some programming with the kids and some programming for the chaperones, teachers and camp staff. I had an interpreter helping give the instructions for most of the games and we all had […]

Tips for Trainers – Active Listening Training Game

Active Listening Training Game Raise your hand if you wish your participants were better listeners. Did you raise your hand? Most facilitators I know wish they could capture the attention of their participants better. I have an activity I like to do that helps me know what kind of listeners I have that day. I […]

Tips for Trainers – Facilitator Courage

Facilitator Courage Did you know that Personify Leadership has a newsletter as well? It goes out every Tuesday and is loaded with great information. You can sign up to receive this newsletter by clicking here. Here’s a video tutorial I did around Facilitator Courage for the Personify newsletter as an example of the type of […]

Tips for Trainers – Summer and Celebrations!

Summer and Celebrations! Bicycle and Flower Basket The words ‘easy’ and ‘summer’ are a perfect match. In fact, pull out a thesaurus and look up the word ‘easy’ and you’ll get a wonderful blueprint for summer: content, effortless, easy as pie (my husband’s organic blueberry, preferably), smooth sailing, a piece of cake. “Easy” also translates […]

The Importance and Significance of Names

The Importance and Significance of Names One of my favorite ice breaker questions to ask is, “What is the significance of your name?” Usually this is the third or fourth question I ask, as I feel it goes a little deeper than a surface level ice breaker question. Obviously our names are very personal to […]

Tips for Trainers – Knot Exchange

Knot Exchange For our Tip this week I’m including the instructions for a great problem-solving activity created by Sam Sikes and written up in his book, Raptor. (One of my personal favs!) Enjoy! Knot Exchange Source: Sam Sikes, DoingWorks, Type of Initiative: Problem Solving Purpose: Create a large tangle of rope in the middle […]