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Tips for Trainers – Action and Reflection

Action and Reflection Do most of your debriefing sessions happen in a seated position? Traditionally processing has involved sitting a group of participants down in a circle after an activity and having the facilitator ask participants questions regarding their reactions to experience. Though this activity can be effective, it can be tiresome for everyone involved […]

Tips for Trainers – The Clothespin

The Clothespin clothespins The clothespin has always been a favorite metaphor of mine, and with the creation of Pinterest it has been stamped into eternity! Vintage clothespins have always had a soft spot in my heart. It’s hard to imagine the situation that arose that caused someone to carve clothespins from select tree branches. Most […]

Facilitator Tip: Team Breath

Facilitator Tip: Team Breath Team Breath When I’m leading group activities, I have a simple phrase I use to help center and focus groups. I learned it years ago from friend and colleague, Tom Leahy, and it amazes me at how well it works. Announce, “Team Breath” and invite everyone to take a big deep […]

Tips for Trainers – Facilitator Tip: Ride On!

Facilitator Tip: Ride On! Do something different! Do you remember learning to ride your first bike? How impossible it seemed at first? And how impossible it now is to imagine it was ever hard? Remember the first time you facilitated a group on your own? Were you nervous? I remember both events quite well… Aligning […]

Tips for Trainers – Facilitator Tip: Managing Expectations

Facilitator Tip: Managing Expectations Sometimes my tips come from recent experiences. Recently I attended a University graduation ceremony for a friend. We flew to the east coast to celebrate with her for the weekend. The schedule indicated that graduates should be there by 8:00am and the ceremony would start at 9:30am. As a participant/spectator in […]

Tips for Trainers – Facilitator Tip: Certification in Personify Leadership

Facilitator Tip: Certification in Personify Leadership Personify Leadership China If you have been a subscriber to this newsletter for awhile, then you are familiar with the experiential, hands-on approach to training we use at Training Wheels. I often get requests to be ‘certified’ in delivering my workshops, so that other trainers can market and deliver […]

Tips for Trainers – New Tools for your Facilitator Toolbox

Facilitator Tip: New Tools for your Facilitator Toolbox This year I have been experimenting with a traveling Open Enrollment workshop. It’s been fun connecting with facilitators in different cities around the US. This workshop is full of fun and learning, focusing on Icebreakers, Problem Solving activities, Facilitation Tips and Effective Debriefing. I just scheduled a […]

Tips for Trainers – Facilitator Tip: Olympic Rock Paper Scissors!

Facilitator Tip: Olympic Rock Paper Scissors! Raise your hand if you have been glued to the TV the last few weeks watching the Olympics. Are you raising your hand? I know I am! There are so many things I love about the games… the diversity, the tenacity, the hard work, the excitement and the way […]

Tips for Trainer – Facilitator Tip: Creative Brain Break Activities

Facilitator Tip: Creative Brain Break Activities Schools all over the world are gearing up for another year. We have facilitated multiple Teacher In-Service programs this month, giving staff the opportunity to get to know each other better while learning valuable tips for creating community in the classroom. We shared multiple ideas for great ‘brain break’ […]