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Tips for Trainers – A ‘Piece of Advice’

A ‘Piece of Advice’ I love a good metaphor. In fact, even the name of my company is one big metaphor. Training Wheels: you only use training for a little while, before you take the Training Wheels off and ‘make it your own.’ That’s how all of my trainings are conducted. I’m only there for […]

Tips for Trainers – May the 4th be with you…

May the 4th be with you… Tomorrow is International Star Wars Day, or May the 4th… and I love a good play on words. I also have two teenage boys (and husband!) who love the Star Wars movies, so they each plan on wearing their favorite ‘geek’ t-shirt to school (and work!) tomorrow. For today’s […]

Tips for Trainers – Leadership On the Fly

Leadership On the Fly This morning as you are reading this newsletter, I’m on my annual fly fishing trip. Once a year I head out to the Arkansas River for a week of unplugged solitude. The Caddis fly is hatching right now and the rainbows and browns are hungry. Michelle Fly Fishing I started fly […]

Tips for Trainers – A-Ten-Shun! Playing With a Full Deck Turns 10!

A-Ten-Shun! Playing With a Full Deck Turns 10! It’s hard to believe that my book, Playing With a Full Deck, has been out for 10 years now. That completely blows my mind! Playing With a Full Deck I’ve been hanging around Jokers most of my life, so it makes sense that I like playing cards! […]

Tips for Trainers – The Versatility of the Bull Ring

Facilitator Tip: The Versatility of the Bull Ring I still remember the first time I saw the Bull Ring activity. I was in grad school and attending my first AEE conference in Lake Geneva, WI, and I fell in love with the versatility of this tool. I thought I would share several different ways you […]

Tips for Trainers – FUNdoing interview with Chris Cavert

Facilitator Tip: FUNdoing interview with Chris Cavert Last November I had the privilege of sitting down with dear friend, colleague and fellow teambuilding author, Chris Cavert of FUNdoing. Chris was the very first person I met in my first class in graduate school at Minnesota State University at Mankato. We were both attending getting our […]

Tips for Trainers – The Courageous Leader book

Facilitator Tip: The Courageous Leader book Many of your know that I have a second company outside of Training Wheels called Personify Leadership. Personify Leadership is a two-day leadership development program based on 8 core competencies of effective leadership. I am pleased to announce that my business partner, Angela Sebaly, has just written a new […]

Tips for Trainers – Pairing and Sharing

Facilitator Tip: Pairing and Sharing Have you ever asked your group a question and in return received blank stares and awkward silences? If this seems to be happening a lot, consider warming your group up to sharing with the simple technique of Pairing and Sharing. With this technique, the facilitator first asks participants to find […]

Tips for Trainers – Metaphoric Methods in Processing

Facilitator Tip: Metaphoric Methods in Processing Yesterday I lead a webinar in conjunction with AEE on Effective Processing Tools and Techniques. It was well attended and received great feedback from attendees! Once I have the recording available, I will share it out in next week’s newsletter. In the webinar I shared 10 different techniques for […]