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Tips for Trainers – Gratitude

Gratitude As November comes to a close, we celebrate Thanksgiving here in the United States. For me, Thanksgiving is the perfect gateway to the holidays. It begins with bringing the people I love to the table for a feast that’s always familiar, yet never the same twice. From there, it’s a long weekend of improvised […]

Icebreaker Wheelies

Icebreaker Wheelies One of my current favorite icebreaker activity is our Icebreaker Wheelies. Hand one card to each participant. Ask them to find a partner and share their response to the question on their card. After the two have each shared their response, have them exchange cards and find a new partner. Encourage partners to […]

The Power in Metaphor and Anchor Pieces

The Power in Metaphor and Anchor Pieces I started my career in the Adventure Counseling field. I worked at a Wilderness program for troubled teens as a full-time counselor. It was a long-term residential program where the average length of stay for kids was around 9 months. During that time the kids had lots of […]

Creating New Story Lines for Low Course Elements

Creating New Story Lines for Low Course Elements Recently I was asked by an organization that has several Low Ropes Course Elements for help in creating new story lines for their elements. They have used the same stories over and over again for years and want to breathe some new life into their existing course. […]

Tips for Trainers – An Interview on Facilitation!

An Interview on Facilitation! Last week I was interviewed by Meg Bolger and Sam Killerman of Facilitating XYZ. It was a fun hour full of great questions about facilitation. We talked about how I got my start, some of my favorite facilitation tricks, tips on getting the most out of experiential conferences and much, much […]

Tips for Trainers – Action and Reflection

Action and Reflection Do most of your debriefing sessions happen in a seated position? Traditionally processing has involved sitting a group of participants down in a circle after an activity and having the facilitator ask participants questions regarding their reactions to experience. Though this activity can be effective, it can be tiresome for everyone involved […]

Tips for Trainers – The Clothespin

The Clothespin clothespins The clothespin has always been a favorite metaphor of mine, and with the creation of Pinterest it has been stamped into eternity! Vintage clothespins have always had a soft spot in my heart. It’s hard to imagine the situation that arose that caused someone to carve clothespins from select tree branches. Most […]

Facilitator Tip: Team Breath

Facilitator Tip: Team Breath Team Breath When I’m leading group activities, I have a simple phrase I use to help center and focus groups. I learned it years ago from friend and colleague, Tom Leahy, and it amazes me at how well it works. Announce, “Team Breath” and invite everyone to take a big deep […]