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Full Value Contract

Whether from an educational or therapeutic point of view, effective learning occurs in an environment where what is learned can be put into practice and the individual can receive feedback and reinforcement.  Learning experientially in groups is particularly effective in encouraging and supporting individuals who are developing new approaches and behaviors in their lives. An […]

Essential Staff Training Activities

You expect staff to think on their feet, why not train them on their feet? As you start to plan your staff training week, make sure you incorporate a wide range of helpful experiential topics, from icebreakers, getting-to-know you activities, to activities that help staff embrace their different work styles and gifts. These are not […]

New book! Facilitated Growth Experiential Activities for Recovery and Wellness

Tips for Trainers New book! Facilitated Growth Experiential Activities for Recovery and Wellness by Michelle Cummings, Marc Pimsler and Diane Sherman I am excited to announce my new book, Facilitated Growth–Experiential Activities for Recovery and Wellness, that I co-authored with Marc Pimsler and diane Sherman! This book is for facilitators and professionals who work with […]

Tips for Trainers – New Product! The River Cards & Guidebook

A Note from the Big Wheel… New Product! The River Cards & Guidebook River Cards & Guidebook We’re excited to introduce a new product this week, The River Cards & Guidebook These beautifully illustrated cards are designed for individuals or groups to describe their life journey by selecting different river cards and placing them in […]

Tips for Trainers – Our New Website!

A Note from the Big Wheel… Our New Website! We’re excited to show off our new website! The old one was getting a little tired, and a refresh was definitely in order. Cruise on over and check out the new features, including instant downloads of content and videos of activities! If you click on the […]

Tips for Trainers – An Accident…

With summer kicking off, I thought I would share an article I wrote a few years ago about safety on the course. Enjoy! An Accident… I had an accident on the ropes course this week… Ropes CourseNot really, I actually just cut myself while shaving. Wait, what? How could these two things possibly be related? […]