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The Buzz Ring

Concept:  This physics phenomenon will have your participants talking about the ‘Buzz Words’ of team work in a unique way. Type of Activity:  Problem Solving, Processing Props Needed:  One Buzz Ring  Group Size:  Maximum of 15 people per ring.  Process:  To begin this activity, identify what the “buzz” words are that may come up in […]

Human Camera Activity

Name of Activity:  Human Camera Original Game Source:  Karl Rohnke, Silver Bullets Additional Published Source:  Facilitated Growth:  Experiential Activities for Recovery and Wellness by Michelle Cummings, Marc Pimsler and Diane Sherman Group size:  6 – 30 Purpose:  To learn how to trust others.  To experience three specific visual experiences to debrief. Activity Trust level: High […]

Happy Pi Day! 3.14 and the Game of Get 20

3.14 – Albert Einstein’s birthday and National Pi Day!  Illustration by Charlie Powell I love a good play on words, and numbers, and anything that is creatively clever.  Pi day ranks pretty high on my creatively clever scale, but did you know that it’s actually a nationally recognized holiday?  Really! It’s official. The date March 14 […]

Full Value Contract

Whether from an educational or therapeutic point of view, effective learning occurs in an environment where what is learned can be put into practice and the individual can receive feedback and reinforcement.  Learning experientially in groups is particularly effective in encouraging and supporting individuals who are developing new approaches and behaviors in their lives. An […]

Essential Staff Training Activities

You expect staff to think on their feet, why not train them on their feet? As you start to plan your staff training week, make sure you incorporate a wide range of helpful experiential topics, from icebreakers, getting-to-know you activities, to activities that help staff embrace their different work styles and gifts. These are not […]