Monthly Archives: January 2017

Tips for Trainers – NCCPS – The Facilitator’s UnConference

Facilitator Tip: NCCPS – The Facilitator’s UnConference Once a year there is a fabulous gathering of facilitators. I attend or present at over 15 conferences annually, and this one continues to be one of my favorites. If you’ve never been to NCCPS, I’d like you to consider attending next month. I have been to 16 […]

Tips for Trainers – Does Memorization Have a Sound?

Facilitator Tip: Does Memorization Have a Sound? I have a few games in my repertoire that require participants to memorize a few tidbits of information to complete an activity. I notice more and more that anytime I say, “OK, for this next activity I need you to memorize a few images…”, that the next 3 […]

Tips for Trainers – Three Things that Push Participants Outside Their Comfort Zones

Facilitator Tip: Three Things that Push Participants Outside Their Comfort Zones Pretend you are in one of my teambuilding programs and we are about to start a new activity. As I’m giving the instructions, I make this statement: “OK everyone, in this next game everyone needs 5 playing cards and hold them face down in […]

Tips for Trainers – Facilitator Tip: Goal Setting

Facilitator Tip: Goal Setting Happy New Year! One of my favorite parts of January (aside from my birthday!) is hanging up a pristine new calendar and seeing the big blank year ahead of me. It’s a little like holding the New Year’s clean slate right in my hands, just waiting to be written. As I […]