Monthly Archives: June 2016

Tips for Trainers – Summer and Celebrations!

Summer and Celebrations! Bicycle and Flower Basket The words ‘easy’ and ‘summer’ are a perfect match. In fact, pull out a thesaurus and look up the word ‘easy’ and you’ll get a wonderful blueprint for summer: content, effortless, easy as pie (my husband’s organic blueberry, preferably), smooth sailing, a piece of cake. “Easy” also translates […]

The Importance and Significance of Names

The Importance and Significance of Names One of my favorite ice breaker questions to ask is, “What is the significance of your name?” Usually this is the third or fourth question I ask, as I feel it goes a little deeper than a surface level ice breaker question. Obviously our names are very personal to […]

Tips for Trainers – Knot Exchange

Knot Exchange For our Tip this week I’m including the instructions for a great problem-solving activity created by Sam Sikes and written up in his book, Raptor. (One of my personal favs!) Enjoy! Knot Exchange Source: Sam Sikes, DoingWorks, Type of Initiative: Problem Solving Purpose: Create a large tangle of rope in the middle […]