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Tips for Trainers – The Many Hats We Wear

The Many Hats We Wear If you think about the many hats we wear on a daily basis, the list is quite long. Just to name a few hats I wear, I’m a mom, wife, business owner, facilitator, an author, sister, friend, mediator, collector, fly fisher, supervisor, daughter, trainer, lunch lady and at times a […]

Tips for Trainers – Let Participants be Creative!

Let Participants be Creative! I love watching the creative process unfold. There is something just magical that happens with a good brainstorming session. I love giving a group a task with a limited number of resources and then as them to create something new. The creative juices that get flowing are almost palpable! Recently I […]

Tips for Trainers – Find a metaphor that resonates with you.

Find a metaphor that resonates with you. Do you remember learning to ride your first bike? How impossible it seemed at first? And how impossible it now is to imagine it was ever hard? Remember the first time you facilitated a group on your own? Were you nervous? I remember both events quite well… Aligning […]