We offer a lively, interactive approach to kick off or energize
your meetings
that will engage and invigorate your members!

Not only will they enjoy themselves
, but they will also learn
a number of new tools and activities that they can immediately
use in the workplace.

All of our workshops, meetings, and even keynotes are
highly interactive and engaging.

Attendees will be involved physically, intellectually, and
mentally, with lots of opportunity for laughter and learning.

Recognizing the vast differences that individuals bring to the workplace, we explore Multiple Intelligences and Learning Styles theories in all our sessions.

Afterwards, participants are invited to "ride on their own" and
will take away tangible, transferable tools and techniques that they can start using as soon as they get back to the office.

For example, using just a deck of simple playing cards, our
Playing with a Full Deck™ theme covers everything from mixers
and get to know you
activities to complex problem-solving
initiatives and powerful diversity

Different Spokes for Different Folks
You can choose one of our themes, or we can work with you to tailor a program that best fits your organization or matches a particular topic area. From one-hour keynotes to multi-stage relationships, we will steer you on the right path.

We guarantee that you will...

     Learn Something About Yourself

Learn Something About Others

Take Away Something Useful

Have Fun

Training Wheels works with professional associations, corporations, private clubs, chambers of commerce, school groups, and more! Contact us to discuss how we can enrich your Monthly Meetings, Breakfast Sessions, Membership Dinners, or Awards Ceremonies.

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