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Join Training Wheels staff and your co-teammates for a facilitator program that
will be like none other you have participated in. This experience enhances the foundational skills necessary for facilitators. Most of the training is all hands-on
and experiential. Each participant will get the opportunity to facilitate their own activity to receive constructive feedback from the group. As the new standards for Challenge Course Facilitation change, we will be adding pieces to this training.

Currently, some objectives of the program are:

The Five Stages of Group Development

Sequencing activities for appropriate programming

Multiple Intelligence Theory and how it applies to group facilitation

The value of reflection

Group leadership skills evaluated and discussed: Active listening, Reflecting, Clarifying, Summarizing, Interpreting, Questioning, Linking, Confronting, Supporting, Blocking, Diagnosing, Reality-testing, Evaluating, Facilitating, Empathizing, and Terminating.

Evaluating Group Leader/Personhood/Facilitator Skills: Courage, Willingness to Model, Presence, Good Will and Caring, Belief in Group Process, Openness, Ability to Cope with attacks, Personal. Power, Stamina, Self Awareness, Sense of Humor, and Inventiveness.

Please call to schedule this program for your group.

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