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If your goal is to "wow" your staff, clients, or participants with a dynamic, fully-researched, fun and practical presentation that offers tools that can be used
right have come to the perfect place!

Participants consistently comment that, "This was the best training I have
ever attended!".

Facilitator Training Learning Objectives

Highly active with meaningful participation

Highly practical with adaptable tools for instant implementation

Research based, with just the right amount of theory support the application

Customizable for virtually any content

Techniques are effectively modeled to reinforce the content

You have to experience it to believe it!


This course is perfect for any level of staff! Customizable to any length from one to three days, this course receives rave reviews.

Customize a Staff Development training to fit your exact needs. We can offer a

Low Prop-No Prop activities Activities they can use on the fly.

Processing Tools and Skills Enhance your Staff's ability to capture those teachable moments and make their learning stick!

Energizers and Ice Breakers 100 kids, right off the bus, no problem. Get them moving and interacting the moment they get there!

Combination of all of the above!

Please call to schedule this program for your group.

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